Wix Engineering

Join us for our 2nd event in Be’er-Sheva


March, 25 2020 

@ 17:00 - 20:00
Wix offices, Be'er-Sheva.

Torat HaYahasut st. 11

Based on JavaScript Israel's coding gatherings, "Goodness Squad", Wix Engineering is proud to launch a new series of Goodness Squad events in the Wix Beer-Sheva R&D center.

These coding meetups provide an amazing way to interact with fellow developers, learn from each other and network, all while contributing to the community. Three hours of giving back to the open source community, bug fixes, features improvements and honing your skills.

Here is an updated list of the OSS projects we’ll be working on. Choose the one whom you find most interesting and please notice each project’s prerequisites.  




Kamus is a solution for encrypting secrets on Kubernetes. It has a backend (dotnet core), CLI and an init container (node js).

Lead by: Omer Levi Hevroni

Project Prerequisites: none




Altflow is a list editor web app, an open source alternative to workflowy.com / dynalist.io. It helps brainstorm, self organize, and take notes quickly. It's also very fun to use.

Lead by: Daniel Khankin

Project Prerequisites: Frontends - Some ReactJS experience, knowing mobx and typescript helps 




Mimic is a mocking tool that runs inside your browser without any configuration. It allows you to edit requests as they go out in real time with a quick and easy to use UI. 

Lead by: Maayan Glikser

Project Prerequisites: Beginner/intermediate JS and\or basic React knowledge




Glean is a VSCode extension that provides refactoring tools for your React codebase. It allows extracting JSX into a new component,  converting Class Components to Functional Components (with full React Hooks support) and vice-verse and has Typescript support.

Lead by: Boris Litvinsky
Project Prerequisites: Javascript/Typescript knowledge, understanding of ASTs, experience with VSCode.

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