JULY 23, 2020  |  18:00 - 21:00



Are you passionate about Open Source? Looking for like-minded devs to work on your projects or contribute to their projects? If you just answered yes - definitely keep reading. 

Wix Engineering is launching the Online Goodness Squad event for Front-end community.

The event is structured as a hackathon. Maintainers of OSS projects and open source contributors will work together and dive deep into code and the architecture.


Three hours of hands-on contributions to the Ukrainian Open Source community, bug fixes, feature improvements, and polishing your skills.

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Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces: it can be focused on view layer only as well as provide a set of tools to build an enterprise-level applications.

Lead by: Natalia Tepluhina

Knowledge prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Vue.js

Advanced English

Level: Intermediate


Lead by: Tamara Koliada

An online platform that allows you to coordinate actions between charities, volunteer organizations and organizations in need.

Knowledge prerequisites

nest.js, passport.js, sql, elasticbeanstalk, react, aws cloudfront



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NodeJS module for getting and parsing metadata from SHOUTcast/Icecast radio streams.

Lead by: Eugene Obrezkov

Knowledge prerequisites


Node.js Streams, Event Emitter, HTTP

Level - Beginner/Intermediate


JS tl;dr - zen-mode javascript documentation. JS tl;dr provides info on language essentials in a noiseless, zen-mode manner, so you can focus on what matters - build great stuff.

Lead by: Anton Rusinov

Knowledge prerequisites

Advanced Knowledge: JS, React, Git/Github

Basic Knowledge: Typescript, Node.js, Cypress,

SEO optimizations

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RehabJs - Wix library that was developed inside Kyiv Mobile Guild for React and React Native projects. If you don’t see a big profit from unit tests in your project, e2e helps, however, costs a lot of time, we’ve created a Fast, Powerful, and Easy integration testing library for a test of the whole project. RehabJs allows making the snapshots of the network layer, state managers states, navigation libraries, etc. And it works with the speed of unit tests. We use the library for 2 projects in Kyiv and we’re doing public OSS release on the eve of Goodness Squad. Find interesting tasks and many new for yourself. More information soon.

Lead by: Igor Kachura, Sergiy Mokiyenko

Knowledge prerequisites

- Babel - Intermediate-Advanced

- Jest - Intermediate