December 7-8, 2021

Hands-on Design Workshop (Seniors)

Join us for two full days of hands-on design in a workshop for senior server developers and software architects that will be focused on design guidelines and best practices at scale.


We will learn and practice how to build scalable, performant, resilient solutions, as well as do some brainstorming, and gain insights into and hear about the lessons learned. Topics that we will deep dive into: Data modeling, Caching best practices, Sync vs A sync communication, resilience best practices and more. This unique event will be led by our Server guild leadership.


The workshop will take place in November and will be a 2-day event (10:00 - 16:30) in Tel Aviv. Space is limited to 20 developers.

Per each of the topics, what is your experience level:

Data Modeling
Choose DB
Sync and A sync Communication
Resilient Design

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